Parrish Devaughn




Parrish Devaughn

PARRISH DEVAUGHN HEADQUARTERS | 3601 N Classen | Oklahoma City | OK

"Call Pepper" serves as the Oklahoma tagline for Parrish DeVaughn's attorney group. When this esteemed firm, one of Oklahoma City's fastest-growing, outgrew its downtown location, they sought Left Frame's expertise to reflect their professional ethos. Understanding their office culture, growth needs, and identity, we assisted in envisioning a 20,000 square foot building into a refined Class-A office space. Employing our design-build process, we optimized design ideas within the client's budget from project inception. Collaborating seamlessly, our construction and design teams transformed the space, capturing Parrish DeVaughn's essence and community identity. Gutting the existing structure, constructing an atrium bridge, and installing a new skylight roof were just the initial engaging elements. Enhancing the exterior, refining finishes, and ensuring functional space integration culminated in a successful project - a testament to effective planning and execution.

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